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Zorbies incontinence underwear. The protection you need to live the life you want.

Did you know that as many as 1 in 3 people deal with incontinence? You are not alone. Even so, you don't have to let bulky adult diapers announce it to the world. Your incontinence is your business. Zorbies helps you keep it that way. Made of soft, high-performance fabrics (not papery, plastic material) Zorbies are sleek, look, feel and wear like regular underwear, yet give you the protection you need to live the life you want. We offer both Men's and Ladies lines.

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Product image - Zorbies men's leak proof moderate absorbent incontinence brief

Men's Moderate Absorbent Brief | For up to moderate leaks

VERIFIED BUYER REVIEW: "You are the best. I have looked for 3 years to get underwear that work this good..."

Men's Zorbies are getting rave reviews for superior protection and 5-Star comfort. Why?

Larger, wider protective area. More protective layers - 8 in this brief! Soft, lustrous fabrics. Contoured pouch for comfy support.

See more details and reviews on our product pages. Shop our Men's Moderate 1pk, or take advantage of our 3 + 1 FREE pack. You pay for 3, the 4th pair in the pack is FREE!

Product image - Zorbies mens light absorbent pee proof incontinence brief

Men's Light Absorbent Brief | For drips, dribbles & light leaks

VERIFIED BUYER REVIEW: "...I resorted to the fact that I'd be wearing paper underwear or pads for the rest of my life. Zorbies are awesome. I wear them all day and they are much more comfortable."

Our Light Absorbent brief has the same features and comforts as the Moderate, just with 6 protective layers for lighter protection.

Perfect to take care of drips, dribbles and light or occasional leaks. Get more details and shop the Men's Light 1pk, or the 3 + 1 FREE pack, and...

Say hello to sleek, stylish 5-star comfort, and goodbye to bulky paper diapers!

Product image: Zorbies ladies moderate absorbent pee proof panties

Women's Incontinence Brief | Extra Coverage and Absorbency for up to Moderate Leaks

VERIFIED BUYER REVIEW: "These fit like a glove and are comfortable. They are soft and are sturdy. I have purchased from other brands and they feel flimsy compared to these."

With Zorbies women's incontinence briefs you'll get style and substance.

Styling is classic, grown up. Extra coverage plus more protective layers deliver 20-25% more absorbency.

And, our soft high-performance fabrics will give you a comfy hug for secure, no gap protection.

Shop our Ladies Moderate 1pk. Or, buy a 3 + 1 FREE pack and get yourself a FREE pair. You'll pay for 3 but get 4!


Zorbies Men's and Women's Product Lines

zorbies men's incontinence underwear brief on a fabric background

Zorbies for Men

Let's be frank. Most men would probably rather fight a shark bare handed than cop to incontinence. Okay, maybe not really...or, maybe just a little? Anyway, truth is, whether from a medical condition, injury or simply getting "wiser" (if you catch our drift) incontinence can happen to the best of us. But don't let it get the best of you. Get better underwear.

Get Zorbies for Men with high-performance technical fabrics and built-in, multi-layer protection, or PocketWear for use with incontinence pads. Check 'em out now.

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Zorbies women's incontinence underwear

Zorbies for Women

Periods. Pregnancy. Menopause...and beyond. To be a woman is to leak. Sometimes a lot.

Other reusable incontinence underwear brands hold 8-9 teaspoons, or less. Ours absorbs 12. Maybe you won't need it but why take the chance?

So go ahead and do those kegels, but in the meantime, get the right underwear. Choose Zorbies for Women with our exclusive built in protection.

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Up to 30% More Protection, 100% More Peace of Mind

Zorbies Exclusive Absorbency System

Disposable incontinence underwear relies on chemicals for fluid absorption, and stain prevention chemicals are used in some washables. We think that’s wrong. Not just for the earth, but for you. That slimy feeling as the chemicals convert moisture into a gel? No thanks. So we found a better way.

Zorbies exclusive integrated moisture management system, features ultra-thin, but highly protective layers of high-performance technical fabrics that wick, absorb, manage moisture and waterproof -- all engineered for maximum protection and comfort.

And, our expanded front and back panels give you more coverage for extra peace of mind.

zorbies zorblock protection system - layers that wick, absorb, manage moisture, waterproof against leaks


Okay. So Zorbies perform. But how do they look, right? How about discreet and dare we say, sexy. We know, incontinence underwear isn't usually called “sexy,” but we're so bold to say it only because we’re hearing it from our customers. And it’s no accident. Sleek and flattering, we designed Zorbies not only to deliver on performance, but look great under clothes, and even better out of them! See for yourself, shop the collections!

Men's Zorbies: Think of this as your everyday wear (because that's how it looks and feels). You'll get expansive coverage plus premium, multi-layer protection. Choose Light absorbent with 6 protective layers that wick away those drips and dribbles, or Moderate with 8 layers for light to moderate leaks.

Going on a run? Hitting the links? Zorbies contoured pouch also gives you superior support so you can focus on your run, not a runaway leak. See details on our SportsWear product pages.

Men's PocketWear: Pads can be a perfect solution for lighter needs. The problem ... your, ahem, "anatomy" has a way of pushing them aside.

The solution? PocketWear with a 2-layer pocket that holds pads securely in place. And the second layer is waterproof for extra leak protection.

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Zorbies Women's Incontinence Underwear: Our reusable incontinence undies hold 20-25% more liquid (12 teaspoons) than most comparable products.

Zorbies also features discreet, expanded front and back protective panels that go beyond the crotch. A design that gives you peace of mind in an elegantly simple style.

Women's Period Underwear: Get maximum protection for your heavy flow days with our washable, reusable Period Underwear.

The exclusive underwear absorbency system built into this line gives you tons more coverage, and up to 8 protective layers. That’s way more protection than most comparable products.

You’ll be able to wear Zorbies on light, medium or heavy days, and that means you can stay tampon free for more days in your cycle!

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Other Exciting News at Zorbies

Your Purchase Helps Someone in Need

If you’re in the habit of donating your gently used clothes to those in need, we applaud you. But do you know what else shelters really need but - for obvious reasons - rarely get? Underwear.

That's why for every purchase you make we donate a pair to shelters and community services that help our neighbors in need. This includes both our specialized lines, as well as regular underwear.

You buy. We give. And together we give someone in need the small, but welcome, dignity of a new pair of underwear. Thank you for helping to make a difference.

International Visitors - Zorbies Now Available in Over 100 Countires!

We are excited to let our international visitors know that you can now ship Zorbies to over 100 countries when you order at our eBay store. See our International page for the list of countries and the link to our eBay store.

Note: Orders placed at can be shipped only to US destinations (including AK, HI, PR, USVI). So make sure to place your international order at our eBay store.