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Zorbies. Materially Different Incontinence Underwear.

Zorbies washable, reusable incontinence underwear is the materially different protection you've been looking for. That's because we make our products from soft, high performance fabrics. Not papery, plastic materials. Our products are sleek, look, feel and wear like regular underwear, so are very discreet.

Zorbies washable incontinence brief made from soft, comfortable fabrics.

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Product Features

Zorbies Incontinence ZorbWear Brief - 8.5" Wide Front Protective Panel

ZorbWear with Built-in Protection

Our ZorbWear line has ZorbLock protection built right into it, so no need for bulky pads or inserts.

It's made from soft, smooth fabrics that are 5-Star comfortable. And, ZorbWear looks, feels and wears like regular underwear so is virtually undetectable under clothes.

The ZorbLock system in ZorbWear has up to 8 protective layers. And, our inner front protective panel is as much as 50% wider than comparable products.

All of this adds up to superior protection in a style we think you'll be comfortable wearing.

Our Light absorbency products have six layers of protection and our Moderate have eight.

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ZorbLock Incontinence Protection System layer diagram - has up to 8 leak protection layers.

ZorbLock Protection System

ZorbLock, our premium, multi-layer Protection System, is crafted from specialized thin, yet high-performing fabrics. So, even with 8 layers this system is less bulk than many other products. Each fabric is fabricated to handle moisture in a different way.

One fabric wicks. One absorbs. Others manage moisture. Some are in multiple layers for extra protection. Finally, one is waterproof. And the layers also work together to keep moisture away from your body and your clothes.

And, in addition to ZorbLock's multi-layer protection, ZorbLock also has a significantly larger total protective coverage area - at least 30% larger - depending on the specific products being compared. That's simply more coverage and more layers to keep you better protected.

Zorbies Incontinence PocketWear Brief - 2-Layer Pocket holding a disposable pad

PocketWear for Disposable Pad Users

PocketWear is designed to be used with disposable pads. Its mission is to help keep pads more securely in place so that the protection is more secure.

This style has a 2-layer Pocket and the pad goes between them.

The first layer of the Pocket is wicking to let moisture into the pad. The second is waterproof to give extra protection against leakage through to clothing.

With PocketWear all of the absorbency is provided by the pad. PocketWear provides the extra waterproofing safety net and it works with many levels of pads. That means that it can easily accommodate changes in protection needs.

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