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Reviews - What Customers are Saying About Zorbies


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Overall the underwear is high quality. Wish I had ordered size large instead of XL. The XL I ordered are way to loose.
Would like to order one pair of your athletic style in Large.

Comfort and protective

Soft and comfortable for activities such as hiking. Good coverage and absorbency.

They work!

My situation might be different. I make it through the night but walk slowly with a cane. Getting to the bathroom in the morning was frequently a problem. Now I can “make it” without having to change pj’s!

Comfortable to wear. Does the job when I go out. Will order more!


More comfortable than regular panties and security that you won’t leak out. I love them and they don’t make me feel like an old lady.

An upgrade in Comfort!

I find the Zorbies Mens Incontinence SportsWear Light Absorbent Briefs to be a considerable upgrade in comfort. The seams of the absorbent pad seems to be in a better location that doesn't cause discomfort after a long period of setting. I've worn them during long periods of heavy physical labor and I forget I am wearing them. The large area absorbent pad always assures you are dry and free from any embarrassing wet spots. Thanks, Zorbies.

Some benefits enjoyed

As described, the briefs hold 60 ml of fluid but if it is more or all at once there is leaking around leg cuffs. The fit is perfect and much more comfortable than any pad which can slide out of place. I wish they would dry faster (it is thickish spandex and padding) and came in colors other than just 1. Does great job of odor control. I love that I’m saving money on pads and helping environment.

excellent product

comfortable non chaffing fit is great very happy with my sport briefs

Must Have for Men

Husband says they are very comfortable and look just like regular boxer briefs. Before washing, I poured 1/2 cup in the pouch and it held it perfectly without leaking. Much better than any alternative. Would highly recommend.

waiting to see if these hold up

With previous of 4 pair of size L Zorbies, the internal sorbent material layer has deteriorated, and is lumped up and greatly reduces efficiency. This was after only about 20 washings. Pretty disappointing. Definitely not a saving over pads. I recently bought additional 4 pair of the XL size, which fit better, and have quit using the dryer, and just air dry them on a rack. I am suspicious that the dryer may have caused damage.

Nice Solution

Very well made product that is comfortable to wear. Very nice solution for Urinary Incontinence issues.

Can't wait to get my first order of correct size. You were out of my size and are suppose to get it in . (4 weeks) The size you did send was very impressive. Your product looked as if it is made very well.


As described and size as expected. Well made, comfortable, effective, washes well.

No Complaints Whatsoever

Perfect sizing, function, washability and durability. Impressive service and packaging. Thank you for a good product.


Very comfortable and convenient. I have 24 pairs and toss a whole bunch of them in the washer at one time. Even though Zorbies does not say these are for nighttime wear, that is when I wear them. I wake up every two hours so that is not a problem. Thank you Zorbies, these are so much better than pads.

Exactly As Advertised

Nice, comfortable, and well made.
However, I find I like the Light Absorbent Briefs better. They provide a little better protection and support.

Great product. Comfortable fit. Realiable fabric.

Fabulous fabric

Excellent fit, comfortable to

Ordered more

this is something we have been looking for. Makes using a pad a whole lot easier

Try it for yourself it's good

Best for outings for grapes.

The best for men.

Very helpful for people like me.

Long time shipping

My only complaint is, I was told free 3 day shipping….. but it took
2 week to actually get to me…

Women's classic incontinence briefs

Great night protection. Very comfortable. I bought one package to test and today I am ordering more. Thank you Zorbies.