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Reviews - What Customers are Saying About Zorbies


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Ordered a single and was so satisfied that I turned around 2 days later and ordered a 4 pack. They fit extremely well and do the job. Will probably order another 4 pack.

Fit was good was disappointing to hear not to expect full nighttime wear, further to hear the penalties I would have to go
if I intended to return any portion, plus no return label. No matter I will not go through that, I will take the lost

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with your experience with us. We understand how important it is for our customers to have full product details and purchase terms prior to buying, and we take great care to provide full product use information on the Product and FAQ pages. Our Refund Policy link, including how to make a return, is in the product copy on every product page, as well as in the footer of every page on the entire site. We'll review all of this to determine if we need to make changes, and we thank you for your input. Finally, we hope that Zorbies can work for you during the day since it sounds like they were a good fit.

Problems after cancer

A excellent product the helps with what is not working properly. Thanks


Undies you don't need to worry about. Fit great and feel great.
A little pricey but worth it.


Finally after trying 3 other brands and designs, these are comfortable, fit perfectly, have the best protection and even my wife says they look SEXY!!!
Go figure that you can look sexy wearing incontinency protection, that is a never before heard of miracle!
The wider protection in a brief is excellant.

Great Deal

These were perfect, just what I was looking for. I love that they are washable.

just ok

not great, but ok. not happy about not having a flap opening in front. Other manufacturers make the incontinent underwear with flap openings.

Thank you for your feedback. Adding a flap opening to our men's products is a feature that we consider in our always ongoing product design and development process. However, we have not yet identified a design that is leak-proof enough to satisfy our product performance standards. Again, thanks for taking the time to provide your review.

I received the product and noticed the quality. The pants were very thick and absorbent. The are comfortable

you are the best i have looked for 3 years to get underwear that work this good the fit is great this is all i will buy from now on thank you very much


My husband likes them. They are more comfortable than the Depends he has been wearing since October. We need to rinse them out and then wash 3 or 4 pair at a time in the washer. Run rinse cycle first and then wash cycle with mild detergent. They do take a long time to dry.

Very Pleased But....

I don't like the cleanup. 2 cycles of drying, but it holds more moisture than I expected. I love the great fit, feel, and how they are un-detectable, not blowsing out. Showing through the britches so to speak. I just need about 3 or 4 more pair as to have a fresh pair to pee in every day! Lol's Hint, price break for an old man? Just kidding.



Catch the drip for men and help the environment!

Finally found a great solution to the drip. Zorbies are great! I found Zorbies after seeing a commercial for women's washable panties for women who dripped. When I went to the web site it was product only for women, so I hunted around and I found Zorbies Underwear for men. They are absolutely fabulous. One of the selling points in the commercial for the woman's underwear was that it showed there was no more dumping of used pads into landfills. I said to myself I would like to help the environment out by not dumping my used pads into a landfill and Zorbies has allowed me to do that. In fact, I am ordering four more pair so that my wife and I can do less laundry cycles. Eight pair will get me through a week to the next wash day. I cannot recommend Zorbies more highly.

Best Thing Ever

This review is unsolicited. The Zorbies I got worked so good I immediately ordered the 3+1 again. I have to be careful here, but if you are blessed like me and dress left or right, the Zorbies are the only product you will want or need because they cover a wider area than anything else I have tried...and trust me, I have tried most all products on the market. They are very comfortable, stylish, and absorbent when needed. They are easy to wash, dry, and fold for future use. I am 100% satisfied with them and strongly recommend them to anyone who has had a prostate removal operation or incontinence.

Comfort Plus

The best of top shelf quality briefs ever

Incontinence Underwear Shoutout

I really like my new Zorbies incontinence underwear. They are very comfortable to wear both on the inside and on the outside. I wear them only at night but I would feel fine wearing them all day if needed. The one evening I did have an "accident" the underwear absorbed all the liquid and did not leak onto my outer shorts or onto my bedding. Very happy so far!

Nice Underwear

My husband has dementia and was refusing to wear depends. These pants seem to be working for our issue. He doesn’t mind wearing the pants and they are good at absorbing his accidents.


I am very satisfied and now have seven pair of Zorbies. They fit well and perform well.

Absolutely excellent!

My first time trying Zorbies. Never heard of it before but let me tell you I will be a customer for life!! I absolutely love this product. It looks and feels like normal underwear. Thank you so much. I most certainly will be ordering more very soon! Thanks again!

I LOVE this product!

I bought the sports pair just to try them out. I am a woman, but I wanted something to wear while working out that wouldn't get my leggings all stinky and gross. These worked like a charm. Snug but not constraining, comfortable but still flexible. And they kept me dry and able to keep working out without worry. I have a 29 inch waist and the Men's 32-34 size was perfect.