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This is so much more comfortable than any other I've tried. Will you be getting them in white?

Husband Satisfied

Delete my review.

Best ones I have tried

I have tried two other brands of fabric incontinence briefs. These are the best by far. I bought the 4 pack of the moderate briefs. The material is softer, smoother and silkier than the others that I tried. And almost anything is better than the “stick-on” pads that do not stay stuck on!

Excellent product. Excellent customer service.

Excellent product. Excellent customer service.

They are working for me.

One of things I have discovered on this totally unwanted journey is that a product which will serve one person well may be useless for another one, based on the particularities of their body’s form and on their particular dysfunction. I had tried several other schemes, but for my body and my needs, this has thankfully solved my problem. I wear these at night to collect about a teaspoon or two of urine that leaks out of my 75-year-old body while I sleep. (Of course, I slept without bottoms at all for more than 60 years, so wearing padded briefs and PJ bottoms is not what I would prefer, but we don’t prefer to live in bodies which are designed to fall apart, do we… ) At any rate, these briefs do the job I need them to do, and they wash up well, with no retained odors. They take at least two hours to dry on medium heat on a delicate cycle in my dryer. I’m sure that higher heat would do the job faster, but it’s medium which is suggested by the manufacturer. I’ll presume that their objective is to keep me as a happy customer, so I’ll follow their advice.

Unable to try on but appeared to be smaller size and cut wasn’t acceptable. Item returned

Great for the guys!

Ordered these as a gift for an older relative and he absolutely loved them. They are much better than the previous types he was using. Will order more for him!

Wonderful and well made!

Recommended these to a family member and she is very pleased with their performance. Will probably order more for other family members searching for a great product.

Good Product

A good product, very well made. I ordered a 3 pairs of 2XLarge. It is a bit tight in the waist, thick elastic.

A great feeling of safety

I have been wearing Zorbies for a week. They are comfortable and are not obvious under my clothes.

I'm waiting for my Zorbies to be sent. My first pair were returned as they were too big.

Perfect answer to our tender skin dilemma!

The first pair purchased as a trial was just what we had hoped would be the answer for our 98 year old Mom’s tender skin that is so irritated and inflamed from pull on disposable diapers and pads. We just ordered the 10 pack so she will always have clean panties if multiple changes are required through the day. She has the comfort of silky comfortable panties which is a blessing. Also we feel great about not tossing disposables away when washable are available. Win/Win!

A New Lease on life

My husband really enjoys the security of knowing he’s safe from drips and leaks.

Confidence builder

I find having the reassurance that I will not wet my trousers has given me confidence to get to the loo in time.

Zorbies are wonderful

I have really enjoyed having this underwear.


These are the best available that I have found.

Seem fine ,comfortable. I wear them as a precaution because when i have to go its fast.

exactly what i wanted

well made and comfortable. great quality, price, and fast shipping


The pocket brief is perfect when my husband goes for doctor appointments. He says it is very comfortable to wear under his regular clothes and it slides on and off easily. It would have been helpful if there was something in the pouch to indicate proper placement of the pad. I had to put the pad in for my husband, who has dementia, and I wasn't sure if I had positioned in correctly.


really to early to have solid opinion; have not leaked into them yet

Problem seemed to stop just because they gave me a feeling of confidence. They also look more normal in case someone sees me.I recommend them.


Found them to be very comfortable.

I got Zorbies for my boyfriend whom had problems dribbling after prostrate removal. They are very soft and he doesn’t worry about leaks. The only issue is that he is a farmer in Florida and these hold on more heat while he works. Other than that they are great indoors and during cooler climate