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Reviews - What Customers are Saying About Zorbies


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exactly what i wanted

well made and comfortable. great quality, price, and fast shipping


The pocket brief is perfect when my husband goes for doctor appointments. He says it is very comfortable to wear under his regular clothes and it slides on and off easily. It would have been helpful if there was something in the pouch to indicate proper placement of the pad. I had to put the pad in for my husband, who has dementia, and I wasn't sure if I had positioned in correctly.


really to early to have solid opinion; have not leaked into them yet

Problem seemed to stop just because they gave me a feeling of confidence. They also look more normal in case someone sees me.I recommend them.


Found them to be very comfortable.

I got Zorbies for my boyfriend whom had problems dribbling after prostrate removal. They are very soft and he doesn’t worry about leaks. The only issue is that he is a farmer in Florida and these hold on more heat while he works. Other than that they are great indoors and during cooler climate


I bought three pairs and liked them so much, I bought 10 more. Very comfortable. Better than all the others I tried. A little pricey, but I'm very satisfied.

Sport Brief - moderate 10pk / excellent product

Your product (men's moderate absorbent briefs) does everything that you claim; I am so happy to have
discovered you! I had not realized how much of a toll wearing adult diapers had on my psyche; I now seem to walk a little "taller" and with confidence, while wearing the Zorbies briefs.

Thank you so much!

Wish I had these a long time ago

I have had bladder leakage for quite a while and had no idea there were incontinence underwear that are like regular underwear. I am a runner and when I run long distances, especially in the heat, the pads I wore would move, rub or give me a rash. I ran in my Zorbies and they fit well, kept me dry and no rash. Awesome product, I will buy more. This is so exciting and has relieved a lot of stress and worry. I am really grateful for Zorbies

Very comfortable

These fit like a glove and are comfortable. The are soft and are sturdy. I have purchased from other brands and they feel flimsy compared to these. The also leaked on a heavy day. I purchased the 4 pack of max absorbancy briefs and they have not leaked yet. Going into my 2nd week of wearing this brand. I am busy my more so I can wear one daily.

Perfect functionality

This was almost exactly what I was looking for. I would prefer a boxer brief style, but protection is more important. I felt dry until close to the end of the day, and had zero leaks.

Good back up

I find pads easier to change when out and about


After trying many brands, Zorbies are the best so far. Very comfortable. They are a bit pricey, but the buy three and get one free helps. I've read many reviews for these pants and my opinion on putting a fly front would be a BIG mistake or at least give us the option. Anyway A+ and a Gold Star.

Sizing issue

You need to be a large man to fit into these.

good stuff

Zorbies are very comfortable and have a nice feel to them. I need to pay more attention to the care label though Still don't know what mild detergent is.

I am a 70-year-old male with minor drip and dribble leaks due to prostate surgery. I have tried other brands of reusables and pads but have found Zorbies to be the best solution. I especially like the wide area pad that keeps you "on target" no matter what the situation. I also like the light, silky outer material that is very comfortable. Zorbies briefs are a superior combination of comfort, security, and excellent overall design. Thank you for making this great product available.
Dan W.
Light Absorbent Briefs, Value 10pk


My husband uses these briefs with a pad as extra protection. He has more than moderate leakage. They work just great & have ended embarrassing accidents. They go into the washer & dryer and come out perfect - no shrinking.

Excellent protection for leaks

This product works well and doesn’t leak if it is just a minor leak. They do have a limit, I wouldn’t mind if they made one a bit thicker. But overall it does what it says.

Very comfortable, does the job!

Very comfortable, easy to pull up with right arm as I have no use of left arm with my disability, and keeps me dry, does the job!

Second order

This is my husband’s second order. He really likes this product. See our first review!
Ruth A

I sent 3 pair back today by USPS. The waist size was correct, but the leg opening was too big. I've asked for a refund.

Special undies

I was so excited to get these for I paid a lot for them and knew they would help
me a lot. I got and and couldn’t wait to try them on and found out they run small
in size. So was very disappointed I can’t wear them. But I had to try them on
to find out so couldn’t send them back. But they are sure made good. Maybe I will
lose some weight then they will fit me good.

great shorts!

I use them a lot. good job and solved the problem, not so many wet pants/shorts!