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Reviews - What Customers are Saying About Zorbies


Based on 259 reviews
My husband loves them

My husband has urine flow issues and started using depends. He says these are great. He doesn’t feel wet and they are comfortable.

Very satisfied.

Overall, I really like Zorbies leakproof sport underwear. I find it comfortable without leaks. It don’t know if it will be too warm for hot summer days for it is fairly heavy. I think it would be great if there was a nude color or at least another choice other than black.

Saves embarrassment, saves $$, saves space and feels good!

This is actually the third time I've ordered from you in less than a year. My first order was basically a "try out".
I then ordered another set of four and two (priced individually) with more absorbency. They meet my personal needs, and best of all, saving me a ton of money, once the original investment was made. The reason I have purchased so many pants is: I do not put them in the dryer, prefer line drying which takes a day or more.

Great product

Fit is excellent and comfortable.

good quality, wash well and keep shape

These work well for my mom. Keep everything inside and are easier to deal with than pads and diapers. Easy to wash, keep shape after washing and drying.

Works well.

Tried a single pair first to see if I would like them. They worked very well and were even able to contain an overnight incident. Liked them so much I bought the 3 + 1 deal.

product is good but was beyond what the recipient needed according to her nurses

just didn't work out

The sports briefs fit perfectly and are quite comfortable. They perform as advertised and really don’t look much different than normal underwear. I would recommend them for anyone with a urinary leakage problem.

Zorbies Everyday

Sport brief fits even better than regular zorbies, comfortable for all day wear.

Perfect fit and perform very well.
Plan to order some more shortly. Wife also got some similar women's underwear, and they are great-plan to order more.

Regular and Lite both terrific!

These briefs give me confidence I will not have an embarrassing situation when I am out in public.!


Have worn undrwr 3 times & am satisfied with the use & results of the underwear

Very nice quality

Bought these for my husband who has occasional leakage at night due to enlarged prostate. They are of a very nice material and look attractive. Because they are black and of a modern material, it is hard to tell they are incontinence briefs. They work very well for minor/moderate leaks, but not absorbent enough for a full wetting (but are properly advertised as not for overnight).


A whole lot better than adult diapers and nearly as leak proof. A significant improvement.

comfortable & effective

Having sustainable undergarments is so important, and the fact that they fit so well makes them a bonus. And YES they are effective!


The fit and comfort was great. Even thought they are for work outs and such. I have worn them all day. With no issues. Normally I use one to 2 shield lights per day.


I received my first pair of Zorbies and tried them out. They seem to work well, and they are comfortable. They seem to be thicker than the other brands - a good thing.

Work As Advertised

Tried different variations. Chose small brief over the usual medium 32 waste for compact placement of you-know-what for less leakage (they stretch a little, so still comfortable). They do the job.

Best Absorbent Product

I have extreme problems with urine flow. This is the ONLY product I have discovered that truly compensates for this physical problem without causing further difficulties (excess wetness). Very highly recommended!


These are nice. Heavy duty for sure. The pocket is big enough to use your choice of pad. I use these dancing since I get sweaty and a pad won't stick to the wet panties. So easy to change the pad. Great product!

Great results

The person using them is very happy with the results. It has restored his peace of mind.

Great Fit

tested at home all day and loved, went to work and loved, all in all I'll purchase more.

Definitely better than guards so far...but I have worn twice, including today. Some leakage in the back of the underwear the first time, and we will see how today goes. If better, than I will buy more. Just want to know if it's always this way, or just a fluke