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Reviews - What Customers are Saying About Zorbies


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Very comfortable

These fit like a glove and are comfortable. The are soft and are sturdy. I have purchased from other brands and they feel flimsy compared to these. The also leaked on a heavy day. I purchased the 4 pack of max absorbancy briefs and they have not leaked yet. Going into my 2nd week of wearing this brand. I am busy my more so I can wear one daily.

Perfect functionality

This was almost exactly what I was looking for. I would prefer a boxer brief style, but protection is more important. I felt dry until close to the end of the day, and had zero leaks.


After trying many brands, Zorbies are the best so far. Very comfortable. They are a bit pricey, but the buy three and get one free helps. I've read many reviews for these pants and my opinion on putting a fly front would be a BIG mistake or at least give us the option. Anyway A+ and a Gold Star.

Sizing issue

You need to be a large man to fit into these.

good stuff

Zorbies are very comfortable and have a nice feel to them. I need to pay more attention to the care label though Still don't know what mild detergent is.

I am a 70-year-old male with minor drip and dribble leaks due to prostate surgery. I have tried other brands of reusables and pads but have found Zorbies to be the best solution. I especially like the wide area pad that keeps you "on target" no matter what the situation. I also like the light, silky outer material that is very comfortable. Zorbies briefs are a superior combination of comfort, security, and excellent overall design. Thank you for making this great product available.
Dan W.
Light Absorbent Briefs, Value 10pk


My husband uses these briefs with a pad as extra protection. He has more than moderate leakage. They work just great & have ended embarrassing accidents. They go into the washer & dryer and come out perfect - no shrinking.

Excellent protection for leaks

This product works well and doesn’t leak if it is just a minor leak. They do have a limit, I wouldn’t mind if they made one a bit thicker. But overall it does what it says.

Very comfortable, does the job!

Very comfortable, easy to pull up with right arm as I have no use of left arm with my disability, and keeps me dry, does the job!

Second order

This is my husband’s second order. He really likes this product. See our first review!
Ruth A

great shorts!

I use them a lot. good job and solved the problem, not so many wet pants/shorts!

Active senior citizen user

I'm a 70 y.o. retired male, still active, fully mobile and not ready for the junkheap just yet, thank you very much. I searched every source for absorbent briefs which can deal with my light to moderate leakage. I tried samples of all the brands I could find on the internet, including those offered by the mass-marketers (Amazon, WalMart). Of all the ones I tried, Zorbies are the best by far. The waterproof and absorbent panel on the front of the Zorbies is the largest of all the ones I tried, and is the only one which reliably captures everything and avoids soiling clothing. They look like normal underwear, so there's no embarrassment with bulky underwear or visible disposables.

Zorbies are now my go-to protective garment.

Best Adult Underwear Made

After prostate surgery, I had incontinence. I tried Depend and other such items. They were just not comfortable, leaked, and were actually a waste of money. I heard of Zorbies and thought I'd give them a try. They are the best thing available for incontinence! I may be wrong, but I think I have 12 pairs now and plan to purchase at least 3+1 more sets. You can wash them, dry them (3 times to make sure) and you are set to go. I give them a 5+ stars.

feel good, seem to work good. want to try one other thing before I commit to a drawer full

solved the problem

I purchased these because the details stated more coverage area, and I was pleased to see that this is true.
Purchasing the 4 pack (by 3, get 1 free) lowered the price to what I paid for another product.
And I am not experiencing irritation in the groin area at the seams. I suspect this is because of more coverage area.



Expensive but comfortable.

Size fit as advertised. Hides occasional leaks while exercising.

Very good product

I find that this product makes for easy and worry free sleeping as I wear them at night to bed. I don't like wearing them through the day, but at night they are great. Outstanding product

Don't wear them to bed - too hot

While the product is quite comfortable during the daytime it is rather uncomfortable to wear to bed at night. Zorbies does not recommend wearing them to bed although I thought that was for insufficient urinary capacity reasons (not an issue for me). I believe that they are uncomfortable to wear to bed because the product is made primarily of polyester rather than cotton.

New to Zorbees

After having a prostatectomy 6 years ago I resorted to the fact that I'd be wearing paper underwear or pads for the rest of my life. Zorbees are awesome. I wear them all day and they are much more comfortable. Hoping that they design a boxer brief or sport brief. Thanks Zorbees


Ordered a single and was so satisfied that I turned around 2 days later and ordered a 4 pack. They fit extremely well and do the job. Will probably order another 4 pack.

Problems after cancer

A excellent product the helps with what is not working properly. Thanks


Undies you don't need to worry about. Fit great and feel great.
A little pricey but worth it.


Finally after trying 3 other brands and designs, these are comfortable, fit perfectly, have the best protection and even my wife says they look SEXY!!!
Go figure that you can look sexy wearing incontinency protection, that is a never before heard of miracle!
The wider protection in a brief is excellant.