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Catch the drip for men and help the environment!

Finally found a great solution to the drip. Zorbies are great! I found Zorbies after seeing a commercial for women's washable panties for women who dripped. When I went to the web site it was product only for women, so I hunted around and I found Zorbies Underwear for men. They are absolutely fabulous. One of the selling points in the commercial for the woman's underwear was that it showed there was no more dumping of used pads into landfills. I said to myself I would like to help the environment out by not dumping my used pads into a landfill and Zorbies has allowed me to do that. In fact, I am ordering four more pair so that my wife and I can do less laundry cycles. Eight pair will get me through a week to the next wash day. I cannot recommend Zorbies more highly.

Not delivered

I have NOT received my order! Still waiting.

We are so sorry about this shipping delay. Your order was processed and entered the postal system within a day, but the USPS is acknowledging running late owing to very high holiday volumes as well as ongoing staffing shortages owing to covid-19. Other orders placed over the holidays, like yours, are also experiencing delays. You can track your order using the link and tracking number provided separately.

Best Thing Ever

This review is unsolicited. The Zorbies I got worked so good I immediately ordered the 3+1 again. I have to be careful here, but if you are blessed like me and dress left or right, the Zorbies are the only product you will want or need because they cover a wider area than anything else I have tried...and trust me, I have tried most all products on the market. They are very comfortable, stylish, and absorbent when needed. They are easy to wash, dry, and fold for future use. I am 100% satisfied with them and strongly recommend them to anyone who has had a prostate removal operation or incontinence.

Comfort Plus

The best of top shelf quality briefs ever

Incontinence Underwear Shoutout

I really like my new Zorbies incontinence underwear. They are very comfortable to wear both on the inside and on the outside. I wear them only at night but I would feel fine wearing them all day if needed. The one evening I did have an "accident" the underwear absorbed all the liquid and did not leak onto my outer shorts or onto my bedding. Very happy so far!

Nice Underwear

My husband has dementia and was refusing to wear depends. These pants seem to be working for our issue. He doesn’t mind wearing the pants and they are good at absorbing his accidents.


I am very satisfied and now have seven pair of Zorbies. They fit well and perform well.

Absolutely excellent!

My first time trying Zorbies. Never heard of it before but let me tell you I will be a customer for life!! I absolutely love this product. It looks and feels like normal underwear. Thank you so much. I most certainly will be ordering more very soon! Thanks again!

I LOVE this product!

I bought the sports pair just to try them out. I am a woman, but I wanted something to wear while working out that wouldn't get my leggings all stinky and gross. These worked like a charm. Snug but not constraining, comfortable but still flexible. And they kept me dry and able to keep working out without worry. I have a 29 inch waist and the Men's 32-34 size was perfect.

Zorbie's ModerateAbsorb Review

Have only used this product for one week, but, so far, they are as advertised; beyond the actual physical protection offered, this product also gives me a great sense of mental and social security. Kudos on developing and manufacturing a dependable and reasonably priced, and much needed, consumer product.

Excellent Product

I bought these shorts for my brother-in-law who has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. He has to travel to many appointments and was embarrassed by having to wear bulky Depends-like garments. He can wear the Zorbies with a Poise-like pad and maintain comfort and more of a sense of decency. He has stated they are very comfortable and wash well following the instructions. I was so happy to find a product that could help him in a time when he has other issues upon which to focus. The price was affordable and the product was shipped quickly and arrived just as advertised. I am definitely going to order more for him as he continues his journey to wellness. Thanks to companies like Zorbies that can help provide options to persons experiencing what can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable ordeal. I would highly recommend Zorbies to anyone.

Bulky, synthetic material

It is kind of bulky. I don't see much problem in winter seasons. but it may feel sweaty in warmer days.
Also the entire product is made of synthetic materials which may irritate the skin, dry or wet.

Thank you for raising this important topic. Skin irritation can definitely be a factor when wearing incontinence underwear. The most common cause is from prolonged urine exposure if changing to dry underwear is not frequent enough. Some people do have sensitivities to specific fabrics, like wool, as well as to agents used in everyday items, like household cleaners, sunscreen and several other everyday items. As for incontinence underwear, balancing breathability and waterproofing (to give effective leak protection) is a factor in all incontinence underwear products, whether disposable or washable. Disposables use plastic materials for waterproofing, and these are virtually completely non-breathable, while Zorbies uses a Polyester fabric which is more breathable than plastic. Also, disposables contain chemical substances that turn liquid into a gel; these chemicals are not used in normal consumer garments. While the types of fabrics and finishes in Zorbies products are widely used in a range of consumer clothing, from regular underwear to casual everyday wear to sporting and active wear. Choosing incontinence underwear is a matter of weighing the pros and cons of each option and selecting the one that is most effective, comfortable and fitting to your needs and lifestyle. We hope you will find that Zorbies work for you, and again, we appreciate your feedback.