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About Zorbies

Thank you for visiting us to find out about Zorbies incontinence underwear. Our products are all about giving you premium protection in a discreet, comfortable design.

You'll get superior protection in daily life, as well as for sports, exercise and activities. And, all in a style we think you'll be comfortable wearing. Check them out - Men's Products, Ladies Products.

We created our products for two reasons:

  1. Customers asked us to, see what they are saying about our efforts in our reviews.
  2. We love solving problems. Especially when our solutions can make a difference in people's lives.  

Premium protection in a style you'll feel good about wearing  

Zorbies men's washable incontinence underwear - stylish brief


The first thing you'll notice about Zorbies products is that they look like regular underwear.

That's because we make Zorbies out of soft, premium, high performance fabrics.

And also, more importantly, because customers told us they wanted protection in a style that they could feel good about wearing.

Such a simple concept, but it took us over a year to develop our products!

Designing Zorbies

If you are wondering what took us so long, it's because Zorbies have multiple layers of protection built right into the underwear, and each does something different. 

Some have to wick to move moisture, and not retain it. Some have to absorb quickly to retain moisture. And others have to repel and contain moisture.

No single fabric does it all, so there are several different fabrics in a single pair of Zorbies.

In order to find the best at each we took over 3,000 performance measurements on nearly 1,000 fabrics. Then we designed our final selections into our exclusive multi-layer protection system.

And finally, we crafted all of that into a sleek design that looks, feels and wears like regular underwear.  

Crafting Zorbies 

Zorbies incontinence underwear fabrics and a seamstress hand crafting a pair at her sewing machine.

In total Zorbies have five different fabrics in each pair, and some are in multiple layers. So, there  could be up to 8 layers in a product, depending on the absorbency level.

With this many fabrics and layers, all of which need to be in the correct sequence, a seemingly simple pair of underwear actually becomes quite a complex product to produce!

In fact, we need tailors and seamstresses to hand craft Zorbies so we get the high quality that we want. And, they have to use specialized sewing machines which can handle the fabrics and layers appropriately so that we get secure but comfortable seams. 

We put serious time, thought, effort, testing and love into creating our products, and we are proud of the outcome. But the outcome we want most of all is for Zorbies to make a material difference in your world.

How Will Zorbies Fit Into Your Life? In So Many Ways!

Zorbies at Work and Play. Since Zorbies are sleek under clothes they'll fit right in under work clothes. Or, if you have to change in a work locker room no worries that anyone will know what you are wearing.

If you hit the gym, same thing. Zorbies are quite at home, and look like regular sports wear in the locker room as well.

Zorbies on the Road. Traveling with Zorbies is also more convenient. It's a lot easier to pack a multi-day supply of Zorbies vs. bulky alternatives.

Also, if you are flying somewhere and have Zorbies in your carry-on bag, no need for embarrassment if TSA wants to have a look inside.

Zorbies and your Wallet. Zorbies can be more economical than disposables over time since you can reuse them just like regular underwear.

A pair of Zorbies can carry you through a year or more with normal usage, proper care and on a weekly wash schedule. That's about the same amount of time as a pair of regular premium underwear.

So, Zorbies could save you hundreds of dollars depending on how many disposables you use, and which Zorbies product you buy. Here's how:

  • If you are using just 2 disposable pull-ups a day, that's 730 a year. Our estimate is that'll cost $365 - $730/year, or maybe even $1000.
  • Whereas, around 8 - 14 pairs of Zorbies could replace all of them! As you shop our products you'll see that a year's supply of Zorbies is quite a bargain by comparison!
    Zorbies and the Environment. Zorbies are more eco-friendly than disposables because they are washable and reusable. That means those 730 disposables (per person) don't end up in the landfills. 


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