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Men's Size Chart

Here's some information to help you choose your Zorbies size:

Zorbies Incontinence Underwear Men's Briefs Size Chart
    • Our sizes are based on waist size
    • You don't need to make any allowances for shrinkage. With recommended care Zorbies won't shrink
    • In order to give you the best protection Zorbies cannot be loose. They will fit you closely, but comfortably
    • A second measurement that might help you with sizing is the Flat Width at the Waistband. Compare this measurement for a current pair of your underwear to the Zorbies measurement given in the last column of the chart above. Here's how:
      • Select a pair of your current underwear to measure the Flat Width at the Waistband. Make sure to select one that is closest to how Zorbies will fit, close but comfortable
      • Lay your current underwear on a flat surface and measure it at the waistband from side to side as shown by the green line below. This is the Flat Width at the Waistband.
      • Choose the Zorbies size that's most similar to your current underwear measurements
      • Place your order!
    Note that Zorbies are a handmade product so, like all handmade products, are subject to size variances. For any given size, the measurements shown in the Size Chart above can vary by +/- 0.75".
      Zorbies Men’s Incontinence Underwear Waist Measurement Diagram – how to select your size



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