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Men's Underwear Size Chart

Here's some information to help you choose your Zorbies size:

Zorbies Incontinence Underwear Men's Briefs Size Chart
    • Our sizes are based on waist size
    • You don't need to make any allowances for shrinkage. With recommended care Zorbies won't shrink
    • In order to give you the best protection Zorbies cannot be loose. They will fit you closely, but comfortably
    • A second measurement that might help you with sizing is the Flat Width at the Waistband. Compare this measurement for a current pair of your underwear to the Zorbies measurement given in the last column of the chart above. Here's how:
      • Select a pair of your current underwear to measure the Flat Width at the Waistband. Make sure to select one that is closest to how Zorbies will fit, close but comfortable
      • Lay your current underwear on a flat surface and measure it at the waistband from side to side as shown by the green line below. This is the Flat Width at the Waistband.
      • Choose the Zorbies size that's most similar to your current underwear measurements
      • Place your order!
    Note that Zorbies are a handmade product so, like all handmade products, are subject to size variances. For any given size, the measurements shown in the Size Chart above can vary by +/- 0.75".
      Zorbies Incontinence Underwear Size Guide.

      When Your Zorbies Order Arrives....

      Don't cut the product tag off of the items and don't try them on, even over underwear until you:

      1. Examine your items carefully to make sure you are happy with your Zorbies purchase
      2. Confirm your size selection as follows:
        • Lay a clean pair of your current underwear on a clean surface, then lay your Zorbies product on top of it, or vice versa
        • If you have any concern that your new Zorbies product might not fit, do not cut the tag off or try it on, even over underwear. Contact us and we will advise you on what to do

      We do make exchanges or refunds as long as the items meet our Refund Policy criteria. Given our product line, our criteria for items to be exchangeable/refundable are more restrictive than refund policies for regular underwear or swimsuits. This is necessary to meet appropriate health and safety standards. Visit our Refund Policy page for full details.