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Here are answers to some common FAQs about Zorbies incontinence underwear. If you don't find the answer to your question here, contact us via our contact page and we'll get right back to you.

Are Zorbies really made from fabric, not papery material? Yes. All of our products look like regular underwear and are made from premium materials fabricated for use in technical and high performance clothing. While we need fabrics with high tech properties to handle moisture, we didn't forget about comfort. These fabrics are soft, comfortable and feel great on your skin.    

Are Zorbies really washable and reusable like regular underwear? Yes. You can machine wash, tumble dry all of our products. Just follow these easy care instructions to preserve the fabrics and get the best performance out of Zorbies.

Are PFAS chemicals used in Zorbies? No. PFAS chemicals are not used in any Zorbies products.

However, the reality is that PFAS chemicals are all around us. They can be found in rain water, the air, drinking water, and have even been found in remote locations like Antarctica and the Tibetan Plateau. They are also probably in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, mud room, pantry and even personal care items.

How, why? Because PFAS chemicals are used in a wide variety of everyday products like stain-resistant carpet, nonstick cookware, cleaning products, waterproof rain jackets, food packaging, shampoo, dental floss, nail polish, even eye makeup.

As a result, given how widespread PFAS can be, trace amounts can find their way onto products. So, even though we don’t use them in Zorbies, it’s not possible to guarantee that Zorbies are 100% PFAS free. For more information on PFAS chemicals, see the articles below.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services – PFAS Chemicals

The Hill – Increasing Levels of Forever Chemicals in Antarctica – It’s Raining PFAS

Can I wear the same pair of Zorbies all day, or do I have to change? Whatever incontinence underwear you use, the best way to avoid skin irritation and protect your clothing is to change as often a necessary to feel dry and comfortable.

Simply put, if your underwear starts to feel damp, heavy or wet (especially the leg seams), change. Or, if a heavy leak comes all at once it's healthiest and safest to head for a change. So, always carry the changes you need to stay ahead of the situation.

Can I wear Zorbies all night? Zorbies with built-in absorbency are designed for daily wear. You should only wear Zorbies overnight if total overnight accumulation is light enough so there is not enough fluid to leak to the back or sides of the garment (outside of the protection panels) when you are lying on your back or sides.

If you are unsure of your overnight leak volume, do not wear Zorbies; wear a product that’s specifically designed to give overnight-protection. Overnight wear products have an expanded coverage area to handle moisture, and how it moves, in a lying down position so these are designed to handle leaks that might spread to your back or sides.

Are Zorbies suitable for swimming? No. Zorbies are not designed for swimming. They are designed to retain urine when they are dry, but in order to be machine washable, they have to allow water to wash urine out of them.

Do Zorbies have odor control? Some brands use chemical additives to mask or absorb odors. Zorbies do not.

However, Zorbies do have odor minimizing features. Firstly, the waterproof barrier helps contain odors within the pad area, although some odor escape may not be 100% avoidable.

Secondly, unlike what can happen with cotton, the odor-causing acid molecules in urine do not bond to the fibers within the fabrics we use. This allows urine to wash out really well, and that removes the odor-causing agent. So, with proper care, odors should be minimized.

    Does PocketWear absorb urine? No, PocketWear is not absorbent. It's primarily designed to keep a pad more securely in place. The pad you use provides the absorbency as well as the primary moisture barrier. PocketWear's waterproof layer is secondary to the pad's, acting more as a safety net, but it will not absorb urine. If you want built-in absorbency Zorbies are the way to go.

    Do Zorbies handle bowel incontinence? No. Our current lines are designed to handle urinary incontinence only.  

    Can I order Zorbies to ship outside the US? Yes. Orders placed at our eBay store can be shipped to over 100 countries. Visit our international page for details and the link to our eBay store. Note: orders placed here on can be shipped only to US destinations, including AK, HI, PR, USVI.

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