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Women's Size Chart

women's size chart
      Sizing overview
      • Our sizes are based on hip size
      • You don't need to make allowances for shrinkage. With recommended care Zorbies won't shrink
      • In order to give you the best protection Zorbies will fit you closely, but comfortably. Loose fitting incontinence underwear is prone to allowing urine escape.

      A note on how different fabrics impact size: Women's underwear is made from many different types of fabrics, and each fabric has a different amount of stretch. Which means that 2 pairs of panties that fit hip size 35-37" may look very different if one fabric has lots of stretch and the other doesn't.

      So, when your Zorbies arrive, don't panic if they look smaller or larger than your current underwear. Here's what to do:

      comparing Zorbies size to your own underwear

      Before you cut the product tag off your new Zorbies item, compare it to a clean pair of your underwear.

      1. Put a pair of Zorbies on a clean surface, then lay a clean pair of your underwear on top of it.
      2. Slip your fingers into the waistband of both pairs at the same time as shown in the image, then pick them up.
      3. Stretch both together. If both pairs of underwear stretch to a similar width, then Zorbies should fit you fine.

        If you have any concerns that your Zorbies won't fit, do not cut the product tag off, do not try Zorbies on, even over underwear, contact us. We do make exchanges or refunds as long as the items meet our Refund Policy.

        Final note: Zorbies are handmade. Like all handmade products Zorbies are subject to size variances. For any given size the measurements shown in the Size Chart above can vary by +/- 0.75".


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