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Superior Leak Protection. Everyday. At Play. Using Disposable Pads.

At Zorbies we have 3 mens washable incontinence underwear product lines that give you superior leak protection to fit your life, and style. For your regular daily activities, or when you exercise and play or even if you use disposable incontinence pads. All of our products are made from comfortable soft, high performance fabrics, and that's why our incontinence underwear is washable and reusable. Here's our product line up:

  • ZorbWear with up to 8 layers of leak protection for every day wear.
  • PocketWear for pad users. The products in this line have a 2-layer pocket to hold a disposable incontinence pad securely in place.
  • SportsWear, to give you superior support and protection during exercise and sports.

ZorbWear Gives You 30% More Protection

Zorbies Men's Incontinence Underwear ZorbWear - 8.5" wide front protection panel, up to 8 absorbent layers

ZorbWear has our ZorbLock Premium Protection System built right into the underwear. You won't find ZorbLock in any other incontinence underwear because it's our exclusive innovation. Choose LightZorb with 6 protective layers for drips and dribbles, or ModerateZorb with 8 layers for light to moderate leaks.

ZorbWear's inner front panel protective coverage is 8.5" wide, that's 50% wider than some comparable products. And that gives your extra protection from leaks that might go sideways.

Plus, ZorbWear's overall protective coverage is 30% larger with up to 8 protective layers. All of that adds up to superior leak protection and peace of mind.

ZorbWear is also discreet. It looks, feels and wears like regular underwear, so no worries that anyone will know what you are wearing. And, since it's washable and reusable it can also be more economical than disposables.

PocketWear Adds Stay-Put Power and Extra Leak Protection to Your Pad

Zorbies Men's Incontinence Underwear PocketWear - pocket to hold a disposable incontinence pad

PocketWear has a 2-layer pocket to hold a disposable pad more securely in place.

The first layer wicks moisture away from your body and into the pad. The second layer is waterproof to give you extra leak protection if moisture gets around the pad.

If your needs change simply select the pad that works for you, PocketWear accommodates many levels of pads. Choose PocketWear to make your pad more secure so that your protection is more secure. If pads work for you, PocketWear will just help them work better. PocketWear is also machine washable.

SportsWear. Performance and Protection on the Go

Zorbies Men's Incontinence Underwear - SportsWear brief


Incontinence SportsWear. Sports underwear with incontinence protection built in. We designed it for performance and protection while you exercise and play.

This line has a lightweight quick-drying outer shell and a supportive pouch to keep everything comfortably in place while you are in motion. Plus it has ZorbLock's generous protective coverage for leak protection in both Light and Moderate absorbent levels.

 Snap up a pack of Zorbies that best fits your life, and style.