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Men's ZorbWear. Premium Quality Washable Incontinence Underwear.

ZorbWear is premium quality mens washable incontinence underwear that looks like regular underwear but has incontinence protection built right into it. We make it from specially blended premium fabrics that are soft and breathable. So not only is ZorbWear washable, it's also gentle on the skin. Each ZorbWear product actually has multiple layers of our high performance specialized fabrics to wick, absorb, manage moisture, waterproof and work together to give you superior protection.

Get 30% More Protection with ZorbWear

Mens ZorbWear - washable incontinence underwear, 8.5" wide front panel & up to 8 protective layers


ZorbWear gives you superior protection over other products in our category because of ZorbLock, our exclusive leak protection system, that gives you more coverage in all the right places. 
    • The inner front protection panel is 8.5" wide, and that's 50% wider than comparable products that we've reviewed. So, you're covered if leaks go high or wide
    • The total protective coverage area - front + absorbent gusset + back - is 30% larger which means that there's just more coverage to absorb, manage, contain and waterproof against moisture leaking out to clothing
    • ZorbWear is also discreet. It looks, feels and wears like regular underwear so only you will know what you are wearing
    • Take a look at our video for more details on ZorbWear

      Also, ZorbWear can be more economical than disposables since they are reusable - especially if you get one of our special 4-Packs that include a free pair.

      We have two absorbency protection levels, LightZorb with six layers of protection to handle drips and dribbles. And ModerateZorb with eight layers of protection against light to moderate leaks. Get details on the features and benefits of each product by viewing the products below.

      Other Zorbies Options: We also have PocketWear for pad users. It holds a disposable incontinence pad to reduce shifting so your pad stays put so you get better coverage and protection. And our SportsWear line is designed for performance and protection during exercise. But if you are looking for built-in everyday protection...

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