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Zorbies Superior Absorbency Underwear System

A Superior Absorbency System = Superior Absorbency Underwear

Zorbies superior Absorbency System is built into our washable, reusable absorbent underwear products. All absorbency underwear, obviously, has absorbent capacity, so why is ours different, better?

How the Zorbies Absorbency Underwear System Works

  • Fast Wicking 1st Layer: Wicks moisture away quickly to prevent beading that can spill to the sides and escape to outer clothing. Moves moisture away from your body quickly to lock it into the absorbent layer
  • More Coverage: Most other products have protection only in the crotch area, Zorbies protective zone goes further up in front, and 1/3 of the way up in the back
  • More Protective Layers: More layers equals more capacity to handle moisture, and ours has up to 8 (that's what's in our Moderate Absorbent products) thin, high-performing technical fabrics. Zorbies uses only fabrics to protect you; even the waterproof layer is a special waterproof fabric.

Whereas, disposable products use chemicals to absorb and handle moisture. These chemicals turn liquid into a gel. While they are very good at doing that, they are harmful to the environment since they don't break down easily, and some people think they feel slimy when activated by fluid. And, some washables use other types of chemicals for moisture management and stain prevention. Our system does not contain these types of chemicals.

  • Integrated Moisture Management: While it's important that each of the individual elements of the system are effective at doing their job, they also work seamlessly together to protect you.

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