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Men's Absorbency Guide

Zorbies Men's Incontinence Underwear Absorbency Guide

Use this Absorbency Guide to determine which of our washable urinary incontinence underwear products will best handle your needs. The information in the "How Much Absorbency Do I Need?" section below the chart may also help you to confirm which of our products is right for you.

Absorbency Guide to Zorbies Incontinence Products for Men

zorbies leak proof men's washable incontinence underwear absorbency guide

How Much Absorbency Do I Need?

While some companies choose to quote exact product absorbency capacity levels we are going to take a different approach, here’s why.

Product capacity level statements are often made based on lab tests conducted under specific conditions. Here's one example we found. Statement - product capacity is 10 oz. After some research we found that the result is based on 10 oz being added slowly over the course of 12 hours. So, while it’s true that the product can hold 10 oz under that scenario, it’s not that useful to daily living. What if you have an 8 oz leak all at once?

The reality is that assessing incontinence involves several factors which are highly variable and difficult to quantify even for the same person, let alone in general – e.g. every leak isn’t the exact same amount, some days you have more leaks, others you have fewer. So, matching needs to absorbency level isn’t easy to do either. 

That’s why we are choosing to provide information on the factors to consider as well as different situations to help you match your needs to absorbency level. So, here goes.

What absorbency level you need depends on:

  • The amount of each leak
  • How often you leak
  • The total amount accumulated and over what time period, so...
Factors to Consider When Assessing Incontinence Needs

    How does this help me choose the Product I Need?

    Keeping these factors in mind can help you choose the right protection level now, and also help you to monitor and address changing incontinence needs. And, here are some guidelines for our products based on these factors: 

    Sport Absorbency Level

    • This is our lightest absorbency level, so the absorbent area is the trimmest fit we have - making it great for sports and activities
    • Absorbency takes care of drips and dibbles during exercise, especially if there's direct pressure on the bladder - like lifting heavy weights
    • You can use this brief:
      • As a 'specialist' - i.e. take advantage of it's trimmer fit for exercise - then, if needed, switch to higher absorbency for all day protection, or
      • 'Just in case' all day wear for light protection. It's just as comfy as our other products.

      Moderate Absorbency

      • Choose a product for Moderate incontinence if your leaks are occasional and more than a dribble but not a big stream or a full bladder void
      • If your situation is more than a dribble but at higher frequency, Moderate should handle it if you are changing often enough to keep ahead of the situation
      • If you are constantly changing your Moderate absorbency underwear, or start to have heavy leakage all at once or full bladder voids, then washables may no longer be a good choice for you

      We are also outlining below various incontinence situations matched to which absorbency level addresses each. As you make your final decision, please also remember that no matter what incontinence protection you use:

      • Incontinence/Absorbent underwear are designed to 'catch and contain' urine so it doesn't get to your clothing or surroundings until you can change into a dry pair, because....
      • Prolonged exposure to urine can cause skin irritation, or even infections. So, always change frequently enough to feel dry and stay healthy

      What Is The Best Incontinence Underwear For My Needs?

      Choose our Sport, absorbency product, if:

      • You experience drips or light dribbles only during exercise
        • NOTE: If you need higher protection for exercise, our other absorbent products are also comfortable and supportive for sports. They simply have more absorbency, so feel more bulky that the Sport Brief
      • You have drips and dribbles when you do certain things like lift something heavy, bend over or when you cough or laugh
        • You have a few drips and dribbles over the course of the day, even if you're not active or exerting yourself
            Choose products for Moderate incontinence, if:
            • You have leaks over the course of the day, each is more than a dribble, but not a full stream or full bladder void
            • You can’t always get to the bathroom in time and sometimes leak, so need protection until you get there.
            • Most of the time you can get to the bathroom, but have a medical condition and can leak unexpectedly

            Choose PocketWear, if:

            • Disposable pads work really well for you and you use light absorbent shields to take care of occasional drips and dribbles
            • Disposable pads work really well for you and you use super absorbent guards to handle your leaks

            Washables may not be right for you, if:

            • You have frequent or constant leakage that adds up fast
            • You have heavy leaks that come all at once
            • No bladder control

            Check our Guide to Men's Incontinence Underwear Options to see the available options, and the pros and cons of each.