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PocketWear Keeps Disposable Incontinence Pads in Place

Zorbies Mens PocketWear is incontinence underwear designed to hold a disposable incontinence pad and keep it securely in place. So, if pads work well for you our PocketWear line will allow them to work better because they'll stay put.

Why Choose PocketWear to Secure Your Incontinence Pad?


Zorbies Men's Incontinence PocketWear diagram - 2-layer pocket holds a disposable pad
  • PocketWear stops your pad from shifting around so much - you'll have better coverage and less worry
  • The first layer of the pocket next to your skin is wicking to move moisture away from your body and into the pad
  • The pocket layer under the pad is waterproof and that gives you extra protection against leakage to clothing if moisture gets around the pad
  • Zorbies PocketWear accommodates many types of mens incontinence pads and absorbency levels. If your needs change simply select the pad that's right for you
  • We make PocketWear from soft, premium fabrics that are comfortable and gentle on the skin - Customers tell us that they prefer the feel of the pocket's soft wicking fabric on their skin over the feel of the pad
  • It's washable and reusable
  • PocketWear looks, feels and wears like regular premium underwear - no one will know what you are wearing, even in the gym locker room


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