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ZorbLock Incontinence Protection System

The ZorbLock Premium Incontinence Protection System is the superior moisture management system that we build into our ZorbWear line. We designed our products to look, feel and wear like regular underwear. And we make them from premium fabrics. So, we also craft the ZorbLock Protection System from fabrics, specialized high performance ones.

ZorbLock Incontinence Protection System

The ZorbLock Incontinence Protection System gives you up to 8 layers of premium protection. This multi-layer system is exclusive to Zorbies incontinence underwear.

Each layer of the system is fabricated to handle moisture in a different way. One fabric wicks. One absorbs. Others manage moisture. And the final layer is waterproof.

    Then, all the layers work together to keep moisture away from your body and your clothes.

    We spent over a year developing ZorbLock. What took so long? We spent most of that time testing fabrics to find the best for each function. We took over 3,000 performance measurements on over 1,000 fabrics in order to make our final selections.

    As a result, we've been able to make each ZorbLock layer is as thin, yet high performing, as possible. And that means we can make incontinence underwear that's sleek, and as like regular underwear, as possible.

    You won't find ZorbLock in any other incontinence underwear because it's a Zorbies exclusive. So, snap up a pack while you are visiting us today.

    More about the ZorbLock Premium Incontinence Protection System


    • ZorbLock Protection System delivers premium protection so you can go do the things you enjoy
    • You won't find this premium protection anywhere else, ZorbLock is exclusive to us
    • Soft, premium fabrics are gentle on the skin and more comfortable than papery disposables
    • You'll feel more natural wearing Zorbies since they look and feel like regular underwear
    • Our sleek, natural look means you'll have no worries that anyone will know what you are wearing
    • Zorbies can be economically viable over disposable underwear

    Key Features

    • Generous protection coverage area
    • Soft and comfortable
    • Breathable
    • Similar durability to regular underwear when care instructions are followed
    • Washable
    • Reusable
    • Eco-friendly since they are easier than disposables on the landfills
    • Odor resistant

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