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Product Details for Light and Moderate Absorbent Men's Briefs

Care Instructions

  • Wash before first use
  • Pre-wash separately in cold water (detergent not required) before mixing with other items. Hand rinse, or if your machine has a pre-rinse/pre-wash cycle you can use that
    • For best results pre-wash or rinse used garments as soon a you can after taking them off. Once they are rinsed store them so they can get some air while waiting for laundry day, then do a weekly batch load
  • Use gentle or mild laundry detergent
  • Machine wash warm on delicate cycle
  • Tumble dry on medium heat for 2+ cycles. Dryer sheets can be used.
  • Do not use softeners or any type of bleach
  • Do not iron

Product Details

  • Shell: 83% Nylon | 17% Spandex
  • Pad Fabrics: Fabric 1 is next to your skin
    • 1: 88% Polyester | 12% Spandex
    • 2: 100% Viscose
    • 3: 96% Polyester | 4% Spandex
    • 4: 69% Polyester | 31% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Designed in the USA

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