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Postpartum Underwear

What Features Make the Best Postpartum & C-Section Underwear?

high waist postpartum c-section panties

Protection. Comfort. Support. Design.

Your baby is finally here! A time of great joy, and also recovery.

A time when your body wants comfortable, supportive postpartum panties to confidently handle postpartum incontinence or bleeds.

Zorbies deliver all the features that make the best postpartum underwear:

      mother with a newborn baby snuggling on her shoulder

      Protection. The built-in absorbency system is 20-25% more absorbent than comparable products.

      Comfort. Soft, smooth, comfortable fabrics. Zorbies are washable and reusable.

      Support. Comfortable compression with enough stretch to provide support that's not too tight. 

      Comfortable Design. Two great styles for immediately after your baby's birth, and beyond if needed. A High Waist style (shown above), likely the most comfortable for you if you've had a C-Section, and a Classic fit, shown below.

      Look No Further for the Best Postpartum Panties

      infographic of zorbies extra coverage protection system - shown on the Classic fit panties

      Zorbies give you superior protection and comfort:

      Superior Protection. The built-in, multi-layer absorbency system has:

      • A wider, taller gusset that has significantly more protective coverage than comparable products
      • A rapid-wicking 1st layer
      • Up to 8 protective layers to lock-in and manage fluid
      • A high performance layer to waterproof against leaks

        5-Star Comfort

        • Zorbies are crafted from soft, smooth fabrics and are gentler on your skin than disposables.
        • The shell fabric blend is 16% Spandex, so it hugs you without binding.

        Like the difference between all denim/cotton vs. stretch-fit jeans and leggings that have ‘give’ (typically also thanks to Spandex), so are more comfortable around your middle and waist.

        Just Right Support and Compression. The Shell hugs you closely, but comfortably:

        • You’ll get a secure fit. If the fit is too loose, leaks could escape.
        • You’ll feel comfortable but supported. That’s because the Shell has just the right amount of stretch and compression so it feels fitted, but not too tight.
        • The Shell fabric is resilient, meaning that it will bounce back to its original form after stretching. Some fabrics stretch, but then remain stretched, possibly causing loose leg openings and a loose (leaky) fit.

        Design/Style. Both styles have a wide waistband that helps prevent rolling, and...

        • Our High Waist panties go up to, or just past, your belly-button so won't irritate a C-section incision. And, the soft fabric is gentle on your skin.
        • The Classic fit waistband sits under your belly-button, but higher than a bikini.

        Soft, Supportive Absorbent Underwear to Snuggle YOU After the Birth of Your Baby

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