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Zorbies Mens PocketWear is incontinence underwear designed for use with disposable incontinence pads. The products in this line have a 2-layer pocket and the pad goes between them.

PocketWear Keeps Disposable Pads Securely in Place

The first layer is wicking to let moisture into the pad. The second layer, under the pad, is waterproof and that gives you extra protection against leakage to your clothing. So, if pads work well for you, our PocketWear line will allow them to work better since they'll stay put.

We make Zorbies from premium fabrics, so that means they are washable and reusable. Not only that, no one will be able to tell what you are wearing...even in a locker room. We think you'll love the style, comfort and confidence that wearing a pair of Zorbies gives you. Snap up a pack while you are here.