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Zorbies Men's Washable Incontinence Underwear Light Absorbent Briefs - 4-Pk includes 1 Pair Free
Zorbies Men's Light Absorbent Washable Incontinence Brief – made from soft, breathable fabrics
Zorbies Men's Light Absorbent Washable Incontinence Brief - front view
Zorbies Men's Light Absorbent Washable Incontinence Brief - side view
Zorbies Men's Light Absorbent Washable Incontinence Brief - side view
Zorbies ZorbLock Incontinence Protection diagram - extensive front panel for maximum protection

Men's Washable Incontinence Underwear, Light Absorbent Briefs, 4pk includes 1 Pair Free

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These men’s washable incontinence briefs with light absorbency are from our exclusive men’s incontinence underwear line called ZorbWear. They’ll give you superior protection because they have a 30% larger protective coverage area than some comparable products. And, they’ll do it in comfort and style. Yes, style.

Firstly, we designed these briefs to be sleek and look, feel and wear like regular underwear. And, we make them from high performance fabrics that are soft, breathable and washable. 

Secondly, our incontinence protection system, ZorbLock, has an inner front protective panel that’s 8.5" wide. And that's 50% wider than others that are 4 to 5.5". This panel ends just under the waistband, so virtually the whole front of the brief has protection. This is important because it means that you have coverage even if leaks go high or to either side.

Finally, you’ll have six high-performance layers, including a waterproof layer, to protect your clothing. We make the layers from specially fabricated high-tech material and they wick and absorb to contain moisture effectively. Also, each layer is as thin, yet high performing as possible. And that means our briefs are as sleek as possible.

  • That means you’ll feel ‘natural’ wearing these briefs because, well, they are more natural than papery disposables
  • These briefs are also less bulky and smoother than disposables under clothes
  • You’ll have the confidence of knowing that no one will know what you are wearing no matter where your daily activities take you

Our light absorbency level is suitable for men who have drips or dribbles. 

This special 4-Pack includes 1 free pair; you pay for 3 and get the 4th pair free. A great deal, so a great time to snap one up.

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Light Absorbent Men's Washable Incontinence Briefs, 4pk includes 1 Pair Free


  • ZorbLock Protection System delivers premium protection so you can roam your world freely
  • Soft, premium fabrics are gentle on the skin and more comfortable than papery disposables
  • You'll feel more natural wearing our briefs since they look and feel like regular underwear
  • The sleek, natural look means you'll have no worries that anyone will know what you are wearing
  • This brief from our ZorbWear line can be economically viable over disposable underwear...
    • Especially this 4-Pack which includes 1 pair free

Key Features

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Breathable 
  • ZorbLock Premium Protection System
  • Generous protection coverage area
  • Waterproof layer to protect clothing
  • Similar durability to regular underwear when care instructions are followed
  • Washable
  • Reusable 
  • Eco-friendly since they are easier than disposables on the landfills
  • Odor resistant
  • This special 4-Pack includes a free pair. Pay for 3, the 4th pair in the pack is free.

About LightZorb Men's Washable Incontinence Underwear

Care Instructions 

  • Wash before first use
  • Pre-rinse separately in cold water before mixing with other items. You can use your washing machine pre-wash cycle if it has one
  • Use gentle or mild laundry detergent
  • Machine wash warm on delicate cycle
  • Tumble dry on medium heat for 2+ cycles. Dryer sheets can be used.
  • Do not use softeners or any type of bleach
  • Do not iron

Product Details

  • Shell: 83% Nylon | 17% Spandex
  • Pad Fabrics: Fabric 1 is next to your skin
  • 1: 88% Polyester | 12% Spandex
  • 2: 100% Viscose
  • 3: 96% Polyester | 4% Spandex
  • 4: 69% Polyester | 31% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Designed in the USA

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Zorbies exclusive protection system is built into this brief

ZorbLock icon - 6-layer incontinence protection in Zorbies Men’s Light Absorbent Incontinence Brief


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