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Reusable Incontinence Underwear - 2 Great Reasons to Embrace it Now

1. You can get a FREE Pair

Our men's reusable incontinence briefs are now in special 4-Packs that include 1 pair free. When you buy one of these special 4-Packs you only pay for 3 pairs, the 4th pair in the pack is free.

2. More Economical - ZorbWear reusable incontinence briefs can be more economical than disposables

Our ZorbWear men's reusable incontinence briefs are made from specialty fabrics that wick, absorb, manage moisture and there's also a waterproof layer to keep leaks in. All of these fabrics are washable, so you get to use ZorbWear over and over again vs. getting only 1 use out of disposables. A pair of ZorbWear can carry you through a year or more with normal usage, proper care and on a weekly wash schedule. That's about the same amount of time as a pair of regular premium underwear based on our tests.

So, by our count ZorbWear could save you $200 - $500 a year or more depending on how many disposables you use. Here's how the dollars and cents add up:

  • If you are paying $30-$50 for a 52-Pack of men's disposable pull-ups, using 2 per day, then your annual cost is $400 - 700
  • Two of our special ZorbWear 4-Packs cost less than $200

If you are using more than 2 disposables per day your savings would be even greater. And, even doubling up on ZorbWear by buying 4 of our 4-Packs (<$400), you're still likely to come out ahead.

ZorbWear. It's Economical and Gives Superior Protection.

    Men's Reusable Incontinence Brief diagram - 8.5" wide front protection panel, up to 8 layers of leak protection

    • ZorbWear's inner front protection panel is 8.5" wide, and that's 50% wider than comparable products that we've reviewed. So, you're covered if leaks go high or wide
    • The total protective coverage area - front + absorbent gusset + back - is 30% larger which means that there's just more coverage to absorb, manage, contain and waterproof against moisture leaking out to clothing
    • ZorbWear gives you up to 8 high-performance protective layers
    • These briefs are less bulky and smoother than disposables under clothes
    • You’ll have the confidence of knowing that no one will know what you are wearing no matter where your daily activities take you
    • Choose LightZorb to handle drips and dribbles, or ModerateZorb for light to moderate leaks
    • Watch our video for more on ZorbWear

          PocketWear Reusable Incontinence Briefs

          We also have special 4-Packs, that include a free pair, of PocketWear which is actually designed to hold a disposable pad. PocketWear has a 2-layer pocket that keeps disposable pads in place. Plus, the pocket layer that goes under the pad is waterproof for extra protection against leakage to your clothing.

          PocketWear is also washable and reusable, but the incontinence protection comes from whatever disposable pad you use. In a way it's the best of all worlds, if pads work well for you, washable, reusable PocketWear will help them work better.

          Order a special 4pk of Zorbies now. Pay only for 3 pairs, the 4th pair is FREE. Hurry while supplies last.