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Press Release - Zorbies Men's Line TV Campaign

Zorbies Incontinence Products for Males TV Campaign

October 2021 - Zorbies announced the launch of a 6-week, multi-channel TV campaign in Florida signifying the expansion of their brand building efforts beyond online only channels.

“Our entry into TV is simply the next step in building Brand and product awareness. Online channels have proved very effective for us, but we know that our audience is also tuned into traditional channels, so the time is right for us to start reaching them there as well.” a Zorbies spokesperson said.

The campaign positioning is product-based, focusing on Zorbies incontinence products for males. The ad highlights Zorbies exclusive underwear absorbency system that’s designed with wider coverage and more protective layers. This system is a highly differentiating product feature that’s earning Zorbies a stellar reputation for superior protection. Also highlighted is Zorbies 5-star rating for a great fit and being extremely comfortable.


These product attributes were selected for the campaign based directly on Customer reviews. Men are welcoming Zorbies as a viable, preferable alternative to disposable diapers because they look like regular underwear, fit better so give better protection, and are way more comfortable.

The flight will run on several channels including news formats, channels with male heavy programming as well as channels that skew toward a female viewership. The ad schedule includes daytime, overnight and prime time day-parts. ###

About Zorbies
Zorbies is a premium brand of high-quality men’s and women’s washable protective underwear. Product lines include:

Women's Lines:

  • Women’s Washable Incontinence Panties
  • Women’s Reusable Pad Underwear
  • Women’s Reusable Period Panties

Men's Lines:

  • Zorbies Men’s Washable Incontinence Underwear
  • Men’s Reusable PocketWear for pads
  • Men’s Incontinence Sportswear

The Zorbies brand and are owned and operated by Ready to Buy, LLC, a US company.